20 Destination Wedding Photography Tips

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Wedding Photography

Just as the name says, a destination wedding is a ceremony which is supposed to be held at a location away from the couple’s hometown. Mainly done in an romantic or faraway place, destination weddings have a world-wide notion for being lavish and expensive, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes couples opt for a destination wedding to save money, as it usually results in a small guest list.

On other occasions, destination weddings can be a way of showcasing your new bride in a unique way. There are also smaller weddings with standard invitations that can be a great option for the less discerning bride looking for uniqueness.

It is also a very popular way of marrying for generous or adventurous individuals, but personally I like my wedding to be tight and intimate, without any big surprises.

After the reception, this wedding usually goes to a local restaurant or bar for some more evening festivities. The following day, usually Saturday or Sunday, the newlyweds head to the train station and embark on a weekend adventure, traveling somewhere scenic or just down the road to some small rural destination town that they might not have thought of previously.

Demographic research from your travel agent or travel bloggers – take your time when figuring out the circumstances and time frames that you would like your guests to have when visiting you. Bloggers are credible sources for doing your research, so do believe those! They might know some really solid places to stay.

Explore online and offline engagement rings databases – do some research on rings and purchases and try to filter out the ones that you are not interested in. You might find some pretty amazing engagement rings and wedding bands there.

Please realize that there is a huge difference between where the day of the wedding and the actual wedding destination are to where your target market is. For instance, you may want your bride to wear a flowing dress on a sunny day which is ideally at an altitude of 1400 ft and to the west of some small city called Sanderson, whereas in some places, that may be towards the east and to your Hawaii or Florida. To add to this, there’s the issue of where to stay during the wedding which can be very expensive if your residence doesn’t have a guest house.

A destination wedding takes a lot of preparations in advance and the initial time can easily turn into a nightmare. I have seen first hand the horror stories of weddings gone wrong, which seriously ended up costing the bride her wedding plans and sleep. I was once asked by a wedding planner: “Why are there so many weddings going on in a year, when only two people want to get married?”

There’s no dispute the location of a wedding is crucial. In this day and age, there are weddings taken all over the world, which you can plan.

Depending on the language, wedding invitations, dress code and even the color scheme of the invitations can vary widely from place to place. When it comes to wedding invitations, they can be an essential part of your brand-new marketing campaign for a place like New Orleans or a boutique Napa. There are fifty or so different combinations of colors and designs you can use. A few ideas from So Pretty Book:

Orange/white (the classic choice)

Red/pink/green (the color of flowers in late autumn and winter)

Purple/pink/sky (the color of autumn and winter)

Orange/blue (the color of winter and summer)

Green/white (the classic choice)

Blue/pink/purple (the color of flowers in late autumn and winter)

On other hand, some places use traditional color arrangements that you can keep in mind:

Yellow/white (the traditional wedding color scheme)

Orange/pink/green (the color of flowers in late autumn and winter)

Purple/green/sky (the color of autumn and winter)

Furthermore, there are many different wedding cake options to keep in mind. There’s always much conversation about the “right” wedding cake for any wedding, and many different things can elicit opinions. Unlike some countries, in the US any type of iced cake is allowed as long as it meets a certain level of texture, flavor and appearance. iced cakes can be a wonderful way to evoke all the right feelings to both the bride and groom, which makes the final touch of the reception. iced desserts can be decorated with fresh flowers, ribbons and lots of shiny objects. Many a wedding design has came from using iced desserts, such as:

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Cake

Wedding Decorations

Wedding Burles

Ceremony flowers

Ceremony flower arrangements

Ceremony flower arrangement

Wedding Wreath

Last Word

Hawaii and the wedding surprises which often lie around every corner make this a challenging time of year for those abroad. Just last month, a friend made an offer on one of my properties and then bounced.

2. Hawaii

All weddings in Hawaii are special in one sense or another since the state is considered just that — a special place. While some want a quaint ceremony even though it will probably be happening on a tropical beach, others would rather a quaint wedding.

The most important part of any wedding is setting the tone right from the start of the occasion. A destination wedding is a great opportunity to do so — especially if the planning and venue is carefully thought out. Things to think about when choosing your venue include the weather and the distance to the destination.

3. Scotland

While the Hoosier State has something to celebrate, there’s no denying it’s a colder state and it’s not known for beautiful beaches. But as the saying goes, beauty most beautiful and most courteous when it makes our heart happy.

You, the bride, are probably the most important part of this wedding and a great one to have prepared the right way. If it’s your first destination wedding, hold off on buying a ticket until you’ve done some research beforehand.

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