How to Choose the Best Gear for Wedding Photography

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Wedding Photography

There exists thousands and several of things for people to have for an ideal wedding photoshoot, so that it becomes a memorable moment for a lifetime. The list below is gonna help you to figure out, how you can have the best of it, leaving behind happy customers! Select the clothes you want for each usher, this is not a guide method; however make sure that you can select suits of clothes for each of the parties so that they will look good in matching tuxedos, graduation dresses, tuxedos, etc. Also be sure that you can select outfits for the photographers. Extra points for having the groom wear his sunglasses indoors, in the right position and on a clear day during certain seasons.

Most of the years I shoot my photos at Suzzillo studios in downtown Austin, they have a gorgeous studio with global acoustics that does not have acoustics that will cancel out the sun. Select the lighting for each occasion. Ideally this means using white light with a blue-white balance, as this will match the quality of photos and the expectations of the clients. I suggest having at least one dedicated white light behind the bride or groom for the big gathering, and another for the photos inside the church, changing in a different room during different church services, etc. Color space is essential in any photography scenario, so test colors and determine if they match, wear different outfits in different environments, etc before you buy them. For the outfits, pick something that is bright sunny, but not so bright as to be over bright or made of shiny fabrics. It should fit the personality of the couple or wedding party. (be sure to audit your buyers!) Select sunglasses, too, at least two pairs and take closer look at them, they matter! Ask the photographer to provide options of white or gray contacts lensed in different distances from the face, so that your clients can decide for themselves if having them is appropriate or not. (if it is correct, great!)And last but not least, pick microphones… It also does not hurt to ask, but there is no wrong way to do it. Select colorful looking reusable straw microphones, which can standout more during the photo sessions, and again test colors for what is appropriate to the environment. Have a set ready prior to the wedding so that you would not forget to utilize them during the events. But the most important thing is that you ensure that you can talk to your clients using a couple of microphone stands or individual telephones during the evening event. Select a wireless interface for tablets and laptops so that your clients can have their laptops up to the public without having to use headphones. Operate two very important cameras: White on the bride/groom, and a regular sized black camera for the couples and the photographers to have access to, at all times. Esquire says it best: “The photographer won’t last if you don’t have a camera!” Choose a setup that suits both the occasion and the photographers. Glance across the room, tap the photographers shoulder to make sure that he or she is standing still to take better photos. Educate them on how to shoot photos on different angles, where best to insert themselves before, during, starting to end of events, etc.

At the very least you will want multiple outfits for the photographers, but alas, not an option for the relatives. Enough of the prepping, let’s talk about the shoot itself. No matter how amazing your photographs might turn out, there’s no comparison to the story you can tell your family about the day. If you don’t have the budget or the crew, get someone to take the pictures for you until you can hire someone. Get in a space that will allow you to move quickly, shoot quickly and keep your photographer busy for the rest of the night. Use a flip cam to take capture multiple angles of the couples and you can focus on one of them or both of them. Honestly, you don’t have to put on a gas mask as you stand there in your matching tux. It might even be the stain remover that your photographer suggested. The issue is that you will stand there for about 10 minutes.

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