How to Set Up a Video Booth

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Event Photography

For your next party or event, you might want to consider an alternative idea. Typically, people go ahead and set up a photo booth – great, but what about a video booth? The video booth might seem more complicated and expensive at first, but we’re here to show you that it isn’t. Consider how much fun it will be for guests and how the final product will amaze them.

However, keep in mind that this makes the job of putting together the booth a lot harder. The following resources are all resources you can turn to if you want to get started in putting together a video booth:

Digital camera

If you don’t have a laptop or don’t want to spend more than $50 on a new camera, perhaps you can just host a party instead. With that said, you will need a little more resources. Here you will find a list of places to host a party and recordings of events. We particularly liked this post that features a few different parties.

1. Host a party at Home Depot

When you’re doing a video tour at Home Depot, you can ask the customer services representative there if they want to do a live blog on the video. This way, you can show a guest step by step how to install their kitchen cabinet. If you know how to, chances are pretty good that they will be able to follow along.

Make sure to timeshare all the hardware before the end of the day on Friday so you can have lots to give away. 2. Host a party at the Paley Center

The People’s Choice Awards is a night where people vote on what they believe to be the best places in the world. Our part of the job is to do live blogging on the results. We didn’t necessarily do this via airports or train stations. We tried to include any relevant locations that would be fun to take photos of. Check out 2009 Paley Center events. 3. Host a video blog

Whether you post the live blog event online or make a printed version of the live blog available, you’ll be able to collect emails from the guests participating. You can turn this into a launch interstitial campaign, as one customer announced his engagement on the blog. We saw a 10.96% improvement in conversions for “no introduction necessary” landers based on the launch interstitial. 4. Find local businesses to host a party at

There are some businesses you can actually secure to host a party. These opportunities are less common but don’t go unclaimed. Ask at Ross Photo in Boise Idaho Falls if they’d be interested in hiring you to create a photo booth.

Video Marketing Tips to Consider for Your Next Event

Navigating an Event Space crowded with people will undoubtedly lower a website’s conversion rate. Even if you’re not doing an event, there still may be scrolling arms full of people trying to find your booth. The solution? You can use Google Groups to find other people who will post information and videos for your event. By using this method, you will be able to get information about other event takers, record your event’s content and post it to YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and other video sharing sites.

People love short videos. Not only can short videos be effective for promoting your event, they can also enhance the experience for people who attend your event. In the past, the best way to do this was to produce an expensive video studio. Today, with the right setup, a fairly inexpensive camcorder or smartphone can produce high quality short videos.

People love content about other cultures. Admittedly, this is one of the most difficult parts of marketing.

Although capturing content about a certain country or demographic may seem like a difficult task, the content you create can definitely add to the value that visitors to your event will receive. For example, if you’re hosting an event for soccer moms, you need to include content about soccer moms from different countries. In addition, if you’re producing videos for a dressage event, you will definitely want to include videos about dressage events.

By promoting your event through video marketing, you can take your first step towards higher sales.

Best case scenario – you get valuable video content that can generate leads for your brand. Worst case scenario – you make a crappy video and get a bad reputation because your competitor didn’t produce a video about the same topic.

Be sure to follow each of the below points to ensure a successful event marketing participation:

 Set up Google Groups for your event.

Follow the steps below to identify people in your city that might be able to post your event’s content. But there are certain things you’ll want to check when adding people to your group:

Permission to post your event content. By adding people to your group, you’re only adding people that want to be added to your event. People won’t typically add you to their group unless they approves of your event and content.

This is one of those hacks that never gets old. We all know that there is a whole lot of movement that goes into just capturing a good photo or video, but there are a few tricks and strategies that make it possible. Take a look at this list of our favorite hacks for getting great video at the last minute. And don’t worry, we won’t bother you with the bad ones!

Everybody knows and understands photography, but some people really struggle with video. To get comfortable with filming and editing HD videos in a relatively affordable way, we recommend the Video Box.

Just make sure you know how to use it before kids take over the house in the middle of the night…. because kids will be watching!

Make a beautiful Vine

If you have a great story to tell, take your video and edit it down to just the best part. Then create a designed-and-featuring Vine that expresses what everyone had hoped for. This is a great way to make a funny Vine video and are arguably just as good for capturing people’s attention.

And some great acts don’t need to take any money! Check out this disallowed Dogs Are People Too video from the Howard Stern Show (now on YouTube, but renovations needed).

Photo below the video. For people who want to act like the greatest salesmen in the world, check out Conrad Hilton’s Usain Bolt Inspires Athletes project where athlete’s photos are strategically placed in front of places famous and popular in these cities. More photos like this are available through

Hilton’s Usain Bolt Inspires Athletes Facebook page

Live Captioning

Ever have a speaker at your company or team-building event take off, pause during his speech and speak the next line in text? Why not? Give your event attendees the ability to turn a boring and meaningless event into something they won’t forget and will be able to implement into their business and life.

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