Some Tips for Wedding Photographers and Photography Clients

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Wedding Photography

While your shopping for wedding photographers these are some tips you should definitely keep a track of. These tips if kept in mind wouldalso help in giving new wedding photographers insight into what clients are looking for. Also don’t forget to ensure that your big day runs smoothly for everyone involved with this advice.

Tip #1: Choose Your Camera Wisely

First there a few considerations on what cameras you choose:

older generation DSLR Vs newer york worthy full frame mirrorless camera.

don’t forget to check the abilities of the machine you use to take the photos. The cameras typically won’t have an autofocus feature.

your camera will also record video. If you do decide to have your photographer record video for your shoot make sure the settings are quality. You want VHS quality but you don’t want video clips, just loop.

for recording time to not loose precious moments, make sure your quality card is fast enough and you have enough memory to record the video.

both staff and independent photographer should backup their large high quality camera’s hard drives before travel. This will allow you to watch over your video footage.

Tip #2: Educate The A Photo Inspiration

Let’s face it not everyone loves taking photos and videos of their recent weddings. So you need to offer people some alternatives. For example in our company company we set up a weekly SEO afternoon where we invite bloggers and journalists who have previously written about the wedding or engagement shoot a session with our wedding photographers. They get to have their wedding day photos taken and they get to spend some quality time with some of our expensive photographs.

So even if your wedding photographer lacks creative skills he/she can always provide people with different options. For example your photographer may be happy to take photos of your engagement or of your friend’s baby, or all of these together would be great.

Tip #3: Have It Silver Lined

Obviously there are many advertisement and marketing benefits in having your wedding photos stored in a cloud. However there are some other things to keep in mind:

setting up an online storage account.

SEO friendly URL’s for sharing the online storage with your client’s social sharing network (Facebook, Twitter..etc).

I would suggest setting the page to be accessible only through your domain so that those with local network for example Blogspot or Tumblr can access the photos.

As a bonus tip for “how to”s consider providing my Yahoo guests a link for a 10GB free storage account free of charge. BTW I am not permitted to ask for a specific link code for my Y! SERPS as this would mean that Unbounce infringes the Adobe ikig clause.

Plus if you are using online, easier to follow instructions should help you shorten your wedding day.

If you want some ideas and some tips make sure you sign up for the Wynn’s Photography & Video Facebook Group.

How Do I Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Before you choose a wedding photographer make sure you do your research and call around a bit.

The most important factor is the price! Price doesn’t just “reflect” quality, like being a family business. It also reflects how long your photographer has been working. Scott Brown, certified professional, personally interviews photographers and can help you further vet their ability to take your budget very seriously.

Once you have decided on a photographer make sure you give them a call and explain what you are looking for. Expect to be asked to bring a list of other clients and showcase their work in a few weeks or maybe even sooner. Be careful to spell out exactly what you want in your wedding photos and video. I have seen a shocking percentage of wedding photographers only shoot wedding videos with the bride and groom in mind with no other camera angles or people in the frame. This is very cheap, lazy, and unprofessional. While it may lose you some sales this isn’t your photographer’s way of doing business. Be sure to communicate your requirements clearly. Wrap up with what direction you would like things done in and whatever budget breakdown you would prefer.

A professional photographer should have a portfolio listed on their site like this one below:

Always let the photographer know you are a realtor and big real estate investor. Other clients who work with a house flipper, live in a mobile home park, or work with independent contractors can get the general gist but not a realtor. Always shore up your relationship with the photographer and list all your requirements on the listings as well. Be sure to list out the type of photos you want and the type of video you want. Be specific. Going back on your word on any part of the business relationship can hurt your reputation somewhere down the road.

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